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PURITAN 7 1981with Norman Mailer and Philip Jose Farmer
Adult American Dreambook # 7
Purtian Publishing, Inc., 834 Hamilton Mall, Allentown, PA 18101
Richard Jaccoma -- Editor
orig. price $ 9.95 cents
Approx. 140 pp.
A super literary issue featuring a very long and lively interview with Norman Mailer, in which he holds forth on love, writing, women, and many aspects of sexuality both in print and in life.  Also of interest for the readers out there is sci-fi genius Philip Jose Farmer fantasy re-imagining THE LONG WET DREAM OF RIP VAN WINKLE.  Censorship news, the sexy memoirs of Lenny Bruce's mistress, erotica from Marco Vassi, and of course, lots of steamy hard-core sex action pictorials -- including Blake ("The Stud with the Spud") Palmer.
Very minor wear and handling..  
A very nice copy of this hard-to-find men's mag
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Jeffrey Michaelson and Sarah Stone interview literary lover Norman Mailer
Here are some interesting passages:

" Pictures of men and women making love is not going to hurt people as much as its going to help them.  It gives them -- and I would include pornographic movies -- an education in that part of sex which is universal, as opposed to the part that's particular.  Those tragedies of high school kids who get married too young, only to discover three, five, eight years later, with a couple of children between them, that they weren't meant for each other at all and so split, come about because the sex is so compelling when they're young and they know so little about it.  That's a profound error we've all made one way or another.  We mistake the beauties of sex for the beauties of the particular person we're with, that is, we think the particular person is beautiful because of the sexual feelings they arouse in us."

"You cannot look at a pornographic picture without learning more about human nature. ...Some of the girls who appear in pornographic magazines look stupid, some rather bright.  But let's take one who looks stupid.  Nevertheless, there's something about the very way she holds her hand (even if the photographer arranged her hand for her, she had finally to embody his order), there's something in the way her hand is holding a cigarette that'll tell you a great deal about her if you look carefully enough at these matters."

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