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    HP10-101 SPACE WHORES (A.J. Rimmer)     Space Sci-Fi
HP10-102 THE WOMANIZER (Beth Coleman)     Gigilo
HP10-103 ACAPULCO ORGY (Gloria Greene)     Down Sexico way!
HP10-104 THE PASSION PIT (Darla Benson)       Racy racing action
HP10-105 HARD AT THE TOP (Shane Kelly)      Sexy Hollywood agent
HP10-106 COUNTRY SWINGER (Jeremy Kerr)      Singer bangs dude-ranch babes.
HP10-107 THE SEDUCER (Robert Slatzer)      Ad agency antics!
HP10-108 WILDERNESS WOMAN (Patricia Pryce)       Redwoods primitive woman!
HP10-109 THE LOVE GODDESS (Ruth Allison)       Macho Match Maker.
HP10-110 DISCO FEVER (Louisa Gray)       Foxes sleep to the top!
HP10-111 THE CORRUPTERS (Jake Caldwell)       French Riviera Hustlers
HP10-112 PLEASURE ISLAND (Tana Simpson)      Pirate meets his Mistress
HP10-113 THE SKIN FLICK (Norman Bates)       X-rated Movie King
HP10-114 HARD ROCK RAPTURE (Del Mann)       Rockstar & groupies
HP10-115 THE MOONRAPERS (Raymond Banks)     Sci-Fi Space
HP10-116 LATE NIGHTS STUD (Shane Kelly)      Talk-Show King
HP10-117 LONG DISTANCE LOVER (Ralph Burch)       Female Track Coach
HP10-118 DEADLINE FOR DESIRE (Jaye C. Ryer)       Newspaper girl goes undercover
HP10-119 LOOKING FOR MR. SUPERSTUD (Jeremy Kerr)       Nympho Photog hunts biggest cock!
HP10-120 POSSESSED! (Thomas Kotch)      Young Bride conjures Demon Lover
HP10-121 THE HITMAKER (Chuck Jones)       Rock Booker Slut
HP10-122 CULT SLAVES (Jake Caldwell)      Peace cult sex circus
HP10-123 POLITICAL PASSIONS (Louisa Gray)     Governor's Daughter runs for top slut!
HP10-124 REBEL SPIRIT (Charles D. Anderson)      Colonial Lust!
HP10-125 THE NAKED SKY (Laura Rains)     Lust at 30,000 feet!
HP10-126 MISS DESIRE (Bert Richards)     Beauty Pageant
HP10-127 KNOCKOUT! (Jake Caldwell)      Boxing
HP10-128 DODGE CITY DOLLS (Pauline Parsons)     Western
HP10-129 THE LOVE MATCH (Don Haslitt)     Tennis
HP10-130 SEDUCTION OF A CHAMBERMAID (Carlotta Valdez)     Rural English Romp
HP10-131 PASSION COUNTRY (Jermey Kerr)      Ranch Raunch
HP10-132 THE HIDDEN CITY (Shane Kelly)     Bermuda Triangle Eros
HP10-133 SPLENDOR IN THE SPA (Del Mann)     Roman Baths Sex
HP10-134 MISTRESS MALICE (L. Trina)      School for Slaves
HP10-135 DELICATE LOVERS (Ralph Burch)     Robots super sex
HP10-136 THE MATING GAME (Marsha Bourns)     TV game show
HP10-137 THE PICKUP (J.L. Kullinger)     Horny Hitchhiker from Hell
HP10-138 CREAM OF THE CLASS (Paul La Puma)     Finishing School Hellcats
HP10-139 NYMPHO NURSE (Sonia Miller)     Wenches in White
HP10-140 THE LUST BOAT (Joan McKittridge) Swinging Cruise
HP10-141 SMOLDERING PASSIONS (Jake Caldwell)     Cannes Film Fest Frolic
HP10-142 HOT LICKS (Lisa Cummins) Kiniest Band ever!

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